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The Opioid Addict On the Trading Floor

Affluent professionals may have greater access to pills, but they also have more treatment options
Laird, left, and Kiniry outside Lighthouse North in New Canaan

When things got bad for trader Trey Laird, he was drinking alone after work and doing cocaine on the evening train to Connecticut. But that wasn’t his biggest problem. He was also swallowing about 160 milligrams of OxyContin each day. He spent his time high, thinking about getting high, coming down, or running out of his Lazard Capital Markets LLC office in Manhattan to meet a dealer.

Laird, 47, has been clean for six years and is in a different business. In January 2016 he opened a luxury sober home in a mansion in Darien, Conn., one of the richest towns in the U.S., to help professionals stay clean. His company, the Lighthouse, established a second branch this year in a house nearby, in New Canaan. A bedroom there costs $12,500 per month with a roommate or $15,500 without one.

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