Clean Eating



Move over, pharmaceuticals: Natural botanicals are the new final word in stress relief. Flowers and herbs like chamomile, lavender, rose, hibiscus and lemon balm relieve anxiety and promote relaxation. And they’re piggybacking on another 2018 trend: floral-flavored products, with offerings like hibiscus frozen pops, lavender lemonade and rose-flavored everything.


Collagen – a protein that eases joint pain, protects ligaments and tendons, strengthens bones, and may prevent wrinkles and saggy skin – is poised to be the next turmeric. Now, driven by the lower-carb, higher-protein shift, you’ll find it in beverages, packaged bone broths and drink mixes. Hydrolyzed collagen blends – more-readily digested and absorbed – are especially popular. Also leading the way is clean collagen from organic, pasture-raised beef or sustainable, wildcaught

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