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Source: Manage all of your software subscriptions right from your iPhone with Bobby 2.

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For iPhone, iPad Needs iOS 9.0 or later

Subscriptions have become an increasingly widespread way to pay for software

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What Is Icloud?
For many of us, Photos is the killer app of iCloud. By storing all our images and videos in the cloud it doesn’t matter what device we’re using when we want to look at or edit our photos and movies — they’re available on our Macs, iPhones, iPads, and
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Latter Of The Month
Re: “Missing hardware diagnostics” query in Mac|Life’s “Ask” Q&A section, (April 2021, p73):Re: “Missing hardware diagnostics” query in Mac|Life’s “Ask” Q&A section, (April 2021, p73): “My iMac can’t enter hardware Diagnostics. When I hold down the D
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By the time this issue lands, Apple will have hopefully blown our minds with some new hardware for 2021. Using my Magic 8–Ball (and, maybe, by reading popular internet news sites and Twitter feeds that are usually pretty reliable) I “predict” that Ap