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Updated: Desk stuff to make your workday more productive, cheerful, and disaster-proof

14 seriously thoughtful picks for your workspace

Build a workspace that works.

MOONABCN Concrete Desk Organizer

MOONABCN Concrete Desk Organizer


Like it or not, your desk is a reflection of your work and your personality. Luckily, organized isn't a synonym for dull or sparse. Below, things that will keep you and your tools humming at maximum efficiency.

A 5-port USB wall charger

A 5-port USB wall charger



Alleviate tangled wires and potential of desk clutter with this . It has a single USB-C port, able to charge USB-C devices up to 3-amps, and four USB ports with PowerIQ and VoltageBoost—a.k.a. fancy stuff that.

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