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Nine all-new tips cards

With nine new tips cards on offer this issue, either add to your collection or start collecting today! This month, learn how to

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Depths of Winter
The theme for this month’s shooting challenge is Depths of Winter – and we’re feeling cold just thinking about it! However, if you have a warm coat, a scarf, a hat and gloves, then you’re already all set for this challenge, and should be able to get
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Get Creative With Your Food: Easy 20-minute Projects
FREEZE YOUR FOOD FOR DISTINCTIVE RESULTS Create a frosty still-life abstract that’s sure to turn heads, by freezing small berries in an ice cube tray. For the clearest ice, use distilled water and boil it twice in a kettle, then wait for it to comple
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GoPro Max
£479/$499 GoPro’s Max is something special. Replacing the Fusion, GoPro’s first-gen 360 camera, the Max makes recording in every direction something that anyone can benefit from. The Max is definitely no one-trick pony, though: it doubl