Thimbleweed Park

$19.99 Developer Terrible Toybox, thimbleweedpark.comRequirements OS X 10.7 or later

himbleweed Park takes place in a conspiratorial, alternate-reality version of America, and one of the few things that make sense about it is that it’s a graphic adventure game.

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> Printers Have Gone Missing
First, using AirPort Utility, check your Time Capsule’s Wi–Fi setup and ensure that its firmware is fully up to date. Apple details this at If everything there seems fine, make a note of its IP address on your local network, and c
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What else IS NEW?
THERE ARE LOTS of other new and improved features in macOS Catalina, of which we highlight some here. Take a look back at our “Get Ready For Catalina” feature in ML #159 for tips on more additions, a few subtractions, and changes to security. It’s wo
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Klipsch T5 True Wireless Earphones
$199 From Klipsch, Features Fast–charging case, four mics, IPX4 Klipsch’s first set of true wireless buds come with a heavyweight fast–charging case in a brushed metal finish. Three small lights indicate the amount of juice left in increm