becomes more sophisticated, our apps are beginning to disappear. I don’t mean that we’re downloading fewer apps; on the contrary, we’re downloading more than ever, and Apple recently made its largest quarterly developer payout in App Store history. But there’s a big shift happening in the we use our apps and what they mean to

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Mai multe de la MacLife

MacLife1 min cititeComputers
Art Editor Matt hates spending money and is a big fan of free apps like Spark email and Silicon (p14). Production Editor Iain’s iPad has been sat in the drawer, but “New uses for your Apple gear” (p28) has given him a few ideas. Contributor Carrie sh
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Boost Your Webcam With An IPhone
MACS ARE GREAT, but their webcams leave a lot to be desired — even an old iPhone likely has a better set of lenses than your Mac. In issue 176 we showed you how to turn an old iPhone into a Mac webcam using the free Camo app. Not only is it a great w
MacLife3 min cititeInternet & Web
Useful Apps For Your IPad
WHEN APPLE FIRST made the iPad, it wasn’t entirely sure what it was for. The answer turns out to be: everything. It’s a music–maker, document–creator, news–reader, sketchbook, photo–editor, and graphic–designer. And we haven’t even mentioned the huge