has started pressing money into my hands and urging me to “Treat yourself,” which in Mom-to- Adult-Daughter-speak means “You’re a hot mess, put on some damn lipstick before

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MacLife3 min cititeInternet & Web
Sort Out Your Social Life
REQUIRES iPhone, Howbout app, iOS 11 or later YOU WILL LEARN A smoother way to make social plans IT WILL TAKE 10 minutes TRYING TO GET all your friends together can sometimes feel like herding cats: when Alex and Jai are free, Arusa and Jamie aren’t.
MacLife4 min cititeTechnology & Engineering
HOW IT WORKS YOU WILL LEARN You’ll learn why LiDAR means much more awesome AR apps. You’ve heard of sonar. You’ve heard of radar. But you might not know LiDAR, the distance–sensing tech Apple added to the 2020 iPad Pro. Apple says it “delivers cuttin
MacLife1 min citite
Pascal’s Wager
$6.99 From Giant Games, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 9.0 or later Pascal’s Wager surprised many people when it was first demonstrated at an Apple event last year, as it seemed to bring the impressive graphics and challen