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Kashwére… Creating Comfort Beautifully

Kashwére believes lifestyle products should bring you comfort and beauty and be easily cared for–which is why

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More Is Less
TREATMENT MICROBLADING RESULTS LAST 1 TO 3 YEARS This semipermanent tattooing technique deposits color just under the skin in tiny hairlike strokes for fuller brows that won’t disappear with cleanser or sweat. GOOD TO KNOW “Look at pictures of an exp
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Out Of The Blue
You could avoid the sun like a vampire and still not escape UV light’s pesky cousin: blue light, or HEV (high-energy visible) light. Emitted by smartphones, TVs, computers, and fluorescent bulbs, HEV light has a longer wavelength than UV rays, so it
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Take-Home Test
Forget fuzzy socks and candles: At-home DNA tests are poised to be one of the most popular holiday gifts of 2019. Direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies say their sales skyrocketed around the holidays last year—and third-party reports project t