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BY Jesse Ball



FEW WRITERS CAN RESIST THE road trip—the chance encounters of strangers who’d never otherwise collide; the

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The West Wing Wants You… To Vote
So says President Jed Bartlet (Martin Sheen) in season 1 of The West Wing. Two decades after the show brought the White House home for millions, those words have a painful prescience. America in 2020 is fragile, fearful, fractious. Little wonder that
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EDITED BY → ALEX SUSKIND @ALEXJSUSKIND  ALBUM SMILE LABEL CAPITOL GENRE POP THE ZEITGEIST IS A SLIPPERY THING to cling to; no one knows that better than a pop star. Katy Perry has spent some 12 years now in the public eye, nearly all of them at or ne
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YAA GYASI, 31, IS SET TO UNVEIL HER SOPHOMORE NOVEL, TRANSCENDENT KINGDOM, IN A WORLD THAT NEEDS HER WORK MORE THAN EVER By Seija Rankin YAA GYASI IS A POSTER CHILD FOR literary kismet. The author wrote her (award-winning, best-selling)first novel, H