True Crime, Fake Homicide: The Onion's 'A Very Fatal Murder' Podcast

A postindustrial small town in Nebraska. A young girl killed. A New York host who is "kind of a sociopath." It's all in the satirical news agency's take on serial audio storytelling.
A windmill outside Swanton, Neb., sets an idyllic scene. The satirical podcast A Very Fatal Murder is set in the fictional small town of Bluff Springs, Neb. Source: shannonpatrick17

David Pascall is in search of the perfect murder — a murder so beautiful, so moving that it could be the subject of his new podcast for OPR. That would be Onion Public Radio. He narrates:

I know that this is the most compelling murder in America. I know that the victim was a supple young girl in the prime of her life. And I know that she was killed by simultaneous gunshot-stabbing-strangling-drowning.

With satirizes all those true-crime podcasts that many of us have come to know and binge: , , .

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