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What were Global Voices’ readers up to last week?

During the week of April 29-29, 2018, the most popular story on our Italian language site was about Azerbaijan. And on our Malagasy language site? A story about China.

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At Global Voices, our community researches, writes, edits, and translates stories with a mission to support human rights and build bridges of understanding across countries, cultures, and languages.

We don't publish just to grab clicks or follow a news trend. We do, however, like to keep track of the ways in which our hard work has impact around the world.

To that end, one useful metric is how readers respond to our stories and translations. So let's take a look at who our readers were and what caught their attention during the week of April 23-29, 2018.

Where in the world are Global Voices’ readers?

Last week, our stories and translations attracted readers from 202 countries! The top 20 countries represented across all of Global Voices’ sites were:

1. United States
2. Brazil
3. Japan
4. France
5. Mexico
6. Spain
7. Peru
8. Colombia
9. Taiwan
10. Argentina
11. Italy
12. United Kingdom
13 Bangladesh
14. Germany
15. India
16. Ecuador
17. Russia
18. Canada
19. Tanzania
20. Indonesia

But that's only a small slice of the diversity of our readership. Let's use the True Random Number Generator from and take a look at a few other countries on the list:

100. Ghana
25. Philippines
174. Chad
114. Benin
201. Swaziland

Global Voices in English

The English-language site is where the majority of original content is first published at Global Voices. The top five most-read stories of last week were:

1. Why did China take its own propaganda film offline? Netizens point to US tech sanctions
2. How an Indian professor is turning plastic trash into highways
3. China Central Television backs Russian version of the Syrian crisis, saying chemical attacks were staged
4. Puerto Rico’s flag is black and in ‘mourning’ over US-imposed oversight board (originally published in 2016)
5. 8-year-old Asifa’s heinous rape and murder in India fans the flames of nationalism

Global Voices Lingua

Lingua is a project that translates Global Voices stories into languages other than English. There are about 30 active Lingua sites. Below is last week's most-read story or translation on each active language site.




Chinese (simplified)

Chinese (traditional)





















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