At the final press conference of his whirlwind summit, President Trump announced offhandedly that the U.S. would end what he called its “provocative war games” with South Korea. But “war games” is a misrepresentation. Trump is sacrificing joint operational military exercises in which ships, aircraft, ground forces and special operators practice executing defined war plans. To

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How to Save Capitalism
CAPITALISM MAY BE at a tipping point. For too long, policymakers, governments and business leaders have done a poor job of helping those who have been left behind, and lost sight of how capitalism can create more opportunity for all. It’s not hard to
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Authorities in Angola are investigating Isabel dos Santos, Africa’s wealthiest woman and a daughter of a former Angolan President, after media outlets on Jan. 19 published 700,000 documents purporting to show that she misused state resources to get r
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Monty Python’s eclectic mind WHEN THE OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY ADDED PYTHONESQUE to its pages, Terry Jones didn’t take it as a compliment. The mission of Monty Python, the influential comedy troupe of which Jones was a founding member, was to be “un