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Source:   The Colorado Continental Divide – but the images we choose not to take are just as real  

Which is more memorable, the photograph you take or the one you don't? If that sounds a bit strange, just bear with me for a moment. When you capture an image there is often the hope that, by hitting the shutter release at exactly the right critical moment, you will be joining the fellowship of the classic photographers

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Experiment With Shutter Speeds
These two images of black-tailed godwits in flight show how dramatic the difference between a fast and slow shutter speed can be. The first was taken with a speed of 1/250sec, which has created a fairly sharp and distinct image of the birds. The seco
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Keep Noise To A Minimum
Unless you’re using a tripod and shooting long exposures in low light, you have to push up your camera’s sensitivity (ISO) setting to get sharp images. Consequently, noise will be a feature of your shots, but you can reduce its visibility either in-c
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Our Verdict
The DJI Mini 2 is more stable and less easily buffeted by the wind than the Mavic Mini so the footage looks very smooth with plenty of detail visible. In addition, the enhanced transmission technology seems to make the connection between the controll