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"Understand the why..and the work becomes amazingly enjoyable."

Q. The biggest challenge you faced in your career

A. Growing a small company into a particular size brings a lot of challenges. When I started heading

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Business Today1 min cititePetroleum
Natural Gas Production Falls 11.8%
Domestic natural gas production fell 11.8 per cent in first eight months of FY21 compared with 2.6 per cent fall in first eight months of FY20. The reason was lowering of selling prices by the government In comparison, consumption fell 5.6 per cent y
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Lessons From The Pandemic
Stragility — a combination of strategy and agility — can help weather the strongest storms Tourism and the desire to travel will never go out of fashion Need to make safety a paramount protocol in service offerings Perseverance and resilience are key
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Must Never Lose Sight Of Risk & Crisis Management
We are living in an interconnected world with an interdependency which is going to get stronger in the coming years. Leaps in technology, rising influence of social media, access to information at click of a button, progress in transport infrastructu