Amateur Photographer

Trent Parke


Born in New South Wales, Australia, in 1971, Trent Parke first picked up a camera – his mother’s Pentax Spotmatic – when he was 12 years old. It was also his mother who oversaw him as he made his first black & white prints in the family’s rudimentary darkroom (which

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From The Archive
COULD someone please throw a bucket of water over our cover model? Her hair appears to be on fire. Well, those old tungsten studio lights did get hot! But never mind about that – there’s a report on PhotoWorld ’81 at Olympia, where amateurs went to ‘
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Evening Class
This photograph was taken on Weybourne Beach, Norfolk. Paul Smith writes, ‘The sea-weathered rusty tractor in this scene, used to haul fishing boats, caught my eye due to its character and the bright colours against the deep blue sky. Although the co
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Final Analysis
The downside of being a photographer is being asked to photograph at the weddings of friends and family. Unless you’re a wedding photographer of course. Perhaps I’m an exception and most photographers are delighted to be asked. You wouldn’t want me t