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better nutrition

From its humble start in 1938, Better Nutrition is still going strong, driven by its original mission—to inspire and educate health enthusiasts about supplements, holistic therapies, food, beauty products, and natural living. Through the years, BN has always been a little ahead of the curve. When other publications featured articles about the dangers

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Product Spotlights
Life Extension Mood Improve is a focused probiotic-and-saffron blend that supports the mind-gut connection essential for mood and emotional well-being. It also helps relieve minor digestive discomfort that can accompany everyday stress—all in a once-
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Powerhouse Powders
Makes 30 treats 1⅓ cups raw sunflower seeds⅔ cup raw hemp seeds2 tsp. ground cinnamon½ tsp. ground cardamom¼ tsp. ground allspice1 packet protein powder (We like Tattle Plant Protein Blend in Chocolate or Vanilla Cold Brew)¼ tsp. sea salt¼ cup sesame
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Decadent Health for Your Decade
The 20s are a time of great vitality, energy, and enthusiasm. But it is also easy to overdo things. College life usually means a lot of junk food, stress, poor sleep, and other unhealthy habits. Many women also start their careers in their 20s, which