Nutrition on pointe

Gidget Migliaccio and her four siblings were no strangers to poverty. “I know what it feels like to lay curled up in a ball with hunger pains, to suck on mud to ease those pains, to cut my hair because we had no shampoo, to own one pair of underwear and wash it every

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Cassava When it comes to taste, cassava (aka yuca or Brazilian arrowroot) is like a cross between a sweet potato and taro — nutty, dense and starchy — and is popular in South America, Africa and Asia. This root vegetable is gluten-, grain- and nut-fr
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Omega-3s And Athletes
Omega-3s are a powerhouse nutrient, and many studies have shown they can improve mood, boost cardiovascular health and protect vision, and may even protect against heart disease, diabetes, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and asthma in ch