your home is a sanctuary. It’s where everything important happens, and yet, valuable gear is smaller, lighter, and easier to dispose of than ever. Cars, now secured by advanced immobilization, aren’t hotwired away any more — thieves would sooner dart into your house, take the keys, and be gone with your vehicle in seconds. If you happen to be targeted you’ll want to know about it fast, employ the most secure methods you can to fortify your home, and — if worst comes to worst — have the evidence you need to catch the culprit.

Investing in home security gear is

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How Much Storage Do I Need?
Most people need more than 5GB. If you don’t take lots of pictures and video, 50GB should be adequate for backing up one mobile device and storing photos. If you have a big Photos library, want to back up multiple devices, and use iCloud Drive, then
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What About IMessage?
If you have Messages in iCloud enabled (it’s in Messages > Preferences > iMessage on your Mac), it doesn’t just keep your messages in sync between your devices. Apple will store your entire message history in iCloud, including any photos or other att