your home is a sanctuary. It’s where everything important happens, and yet, valuable gear is smaller, lighter, and easier to dispose of than ever. Cars, now secured by advanced immobilization, aren’t hotwired away any more — thieves would sooner dart into your house, take the keys, and be gone with your vehicle in seconds. If you happen to be targeted you’ll want to know about it fast, employ the most secure methods you can to fortify your home, and — if worst comes to worst — have the evidence you need to catch the culprit.

Investing in home security gear is

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Create A Dedicated Gaming Device
IF THERE’S ONE thing Apple’s November event showed us, it’s that the company knows how to make amazing processors. But the M1 chip in the latest Macs isn’t the first of its kind — Apple has been outfitting its iPhones and iPads with its own chips eve
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RAVPower PD Pioneer 65W
RAVPOWER’S PC–136 IS very versatile, with four ports and 65W in a tiny brick. However, the mains cable it uses to connect to the wall means it’s less portable than the others on test. Belkin’s BoostCharge Dual 68W is beautifully made though it’s a li
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HOW TO Retouch Images More Effectively
This shot features some distracting graffiti. The challenge is to remove the lettering while preserving the underlying brick pattern. We also want to remove the logo on the guitar to make the image sellable as stock. Zoom in to work on the problem ar