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“In the beginning BatCat was truly an experiment,” says Deanna Baringer, the managing editor and supervising teacher of (). “I didn’t know if high school kids would be capablewhich Baringer calls a “terse but punchy collection”that was printed entirely via a handset letterpress, and Jessica Poli’s poetry collection . “The poems are quirky little lines that stick with you and make you think,” says Alexa Bocek, a BatCat editor from the class of 2019. The students work together to select the final manuscripts, a process they approach with great care. “Not only does it come down to whether or not the piece is good, but a lot of it is also whether it works for our audience and if there are aspects we can draw from to create design elements,” says Sarah Bett, who graduated in the spring. “Going through hundreds of manuscripts, it could become easy to just skim them and quickly decide that you didn’t like it. I had to grow more patient and able to look at each piece through a new perspective.” BatCat is open to submissions of full-length and chapbook-length manuscripts in any genre year-round via Submittable, though the editors read mostly in the fall. There is no age minimum to submit.

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Two prizes of £2,500 (approximately $3,434) each and publication in Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual are given annually for a poem and a short story. The winner in poetry also receives a membership to the Poetry Society in London, and the winner in
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Pik-Shuen Fung
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Infertile & Querying
GROWING up, in the absence of any sort of formalized religion, I used to pray to my dead grandparents. I would ask them for two things, but never both at the same time: to be a mother and to be a writer. The writer part was simple. I always wanted to