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Age: Sixty-four. Residence: Albuquerque, New Mexico. Book: Ground, Wind, This Body (University of New Mexico Press, March), a poetry collection exploring the vestiges of war and redemption as a traumatized soldier returns home from WWII carrying a legacy of violence and abuse. Editor: James Ayers. Agent: None.

I WATCHED Lucille Clifton, well into her fifties, perform: “these hips are mighty hips.

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Nate Marshall isn’t interested in being “once in a generation,” but he is a poet fiercely curious about both generation and generations. He is a poet I turn to when I’m looking for a long love song, propulsive and methodical. Like Chicago, the city w
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I REMEMBER a story I last workshopped in my MFA program. It’s a story about Soma, a call-center agent in India who has to ignore daily encounters with American racism. In my story’s climax she has to empathize with a white woman accusing Indians of b