Ski Dreams

I’ve been skiing pretty much my whole life and I’m only 13. I live in a ski town, so not skiing in the winter is like not eating. It’s a necessity. But in the summer, there’s nothing to do. So when I sit down, waiting for the first snow, I leaf through my old Powder magazines and look for my next pair of skis.

The photos fire my imagination back up and get me in the zone that puts me back out there and gets me to that perfect run. That perfect jump. That perfect

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Mai multe de la Powder

Powder3 min citite
Letter of the Month Your intro, “One of Them,” (48.1) brought a tear to my eye and pride to my heart. I was not born “one of them.” But at 18, I went out to become “one of them” without really knowing that was what I was doing or becoming. After ten-
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Don’t Let Go
SLIDING UP TO THE ROPE, it’s hard to miss the utter simplicity before us. A few wheels, some rope, a motor, and a hill above. And of course, gloves. Reaching down to pick up the rope triggers a slight rush of endorphins, and no matter your age, or le
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Vision Quest
ALRIC LJUNGHAGER’S WORLD STOPPED SPINNING. Ten feet off the ground and midway through a double misty 1440, that was a problem. Taking a break from his head coaching duties at the freeski summer camp he had helped develop outside Stockholm, Sweden, he