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complain about it to anyone who will listen. But emerging research shows that your mental state actually plays a role in whether you’re at

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Make Your Go-To Running Spots Safer
Know who to talk to. To advocate for maintenance or improvement of a municipal park or trail—like trimming overgrown areas or installing more lighting—call your city’s parks and rec department or your city council members. It’s within your rights as
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Inside Knowledge
“How Injuries Helped My Running” p.38 Be relentless. In all aspects of running and life, being willing to put it all out there—and not give up—changes everything. Also: When a run gets tough, I always start repeating mantras. My go-to ones are “I am
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The Test Zone
Although I ran competitively in high school and college, I never wore spikes because, in all honesty, I didn’t see the point (pun intended). To test if they are truly more effective than the light-weight shoes I usually race in, I ran 400s at a local