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The organisers of September's Photokina, photography's most significant trade fair, identified 10 trends which are shaping photography. Some are obvious, such as the rise of mirrorless cameras, algorithms, 4K video and ever-higher shutter and frame speeds, but two caught my attention.

First, they cited the rise of

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Sirsendu is Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Vivekananda College, Thakurpukur in Kolkata. I started photography seriously in 2009 when I got a Nikon D80 from my elder brother. After three years of using the camera, I shifted to using a Nikon D610,
Amateur Photographer1 min cititeScience & Mathematics
Canon EOS R5
AT THE top end of the market, one camera grabbed all the headlines this year. While the EOS R5’s biggest claim to fame is its ability to record 8K video internally, it gains our award by virtue of being an astonishingly capable stills camera. Just a
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The Panel On The Ramones
This photo captures everything I loved about New York City at that time. Shot for Punk on East 2nd St, where graffiti, homeless shelters and SROs abound. Roberta was friends with the band, part of the scene, and on the door at CBGBs; they trusted her