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Device Manager has been an extremely useful troubleshooting utility across all OS versions, from Windows 10 way back to Windows 95. It lets you view and stay in control of the various hardware devices attached to your PC, not only stuff that you plug into its various slots and sockets, such as drives, graphic cards, keyboards and mice, but also the host of electronic devices built into your motherboard itself, including system timers, real time clock, USB controllers and so on. It lets you check that these devices have been correctly recognised by Windows and are working properly, to update their drivers, enable or

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LUNA is Universal Audio’s surprising new DAW outing. It transforms UA’s interfaces into fully integrated production systems, using its integrated DSP to create an analogue-style (Mac only) DAW centred around latency-free processing. LUNA offers preci
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RRP: $362 Mixmasters Pro Audio: (08) 8278 8506 or Allows passive ribbons and low-output dynamics to be used with any preamp. Maintains original sound of the microphone. High ‘bang for buck’. A soph
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Who are you currently touring with? My main gig over the last few years has been mixing FOH for Vintage Trouble out of Los Angeles. We’ve toured all over the world, and most of my other work fell by the wayside once we teamed up! I also double-dippe