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The Dr Cabot Maintenance Program is a continuation of the Dr Cabot 15-Day Cleanse. Dr Cabot has treated many patients using nutritional and herbal strategies and has condensed her knowledge to create these effective

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Indonesian Style
This recipe reminds me of the breakfast street food I enjoyed every morning when I was teaching English across Indonesia. You can make a savoury version, too, with shallots, garlic, chilli and toasted shredded coconut. This sweet version also tastes
Eat Well4 min cititeFood & Wine
Food Source
Dilmah infusions display a beautiful combination of spices and herbs inspired by the Sri Lankan Ayurveda. The range manifests its elegance in its clarity and brightness, and is beautifully rich, in both its flavour and its fragrance. In demand for it
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Creating Kombucha
People are drawn to kombucha for myriad reasons. The sparkling fermented tea is a healthier alternative to regular soft drink; it’s often consumed in lieu of alcoholic beverages like beer, wine or cider; and it’s also popular due to its delicious tas