Eat Well


Every year there’s a new rollcall of diets favoured by hipsters, fitness fanatics, trend-setters and fashionistas. Paleo remains a strong contender with many embracing the low-carb, high-protein approach that advocates eating like cavemen. Post-paleo, the keto diet has taken hold among gym goers and CrossFit advocates. The keto diet purports to lower body weight, increase metabolism, improve hormonal balance, enhance energy and support muscle growth while maintaining low body fat.

Essentially, the keto diet works by limiting carbohydrates, which enable the body to use glucose and insulin as its main energy source. In order to

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Table of Plenty
Serves: 2–3 ½ cup milk or water + extra for serving½ cup Table of Plenty Mixed Berry Kefir1 cup rolled oats1 tsp honey (optional) 1½ cups diced rhubarb2 tbsp caster sugar1½ tbsp orange juice 1 tbsp butter1 Granny Smith apple, peeled, cored & ch
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Planet-friendly Foods
As far as sustainability goes, not all foods are created equally. Some of the foods we eat can have a devastating impact on climate change, which makes it important to make informed choices when it comes to consuming foods that are not only good for
Eat Well3 min cititeFood & Wine
Serves: 5 1 x 500g Luv-a-Duck Confit Duck Legs30g butter1 tbsp olive oil3 red onions, finely sliced 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar or vincotto2 tbsp orange marmalade3 sheets butter puff pastryZest 1 orange, to garnishCrème fraiche, to serve Preheat oven