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It takes a good dose of courage to leave behind lucrative careers in a leading global metropolis, and an enormous surge of wanderlust to move to the other side of the world in search of a new home. Canadian architect Norman Richards and engineer-turned-building-designer Fiona Richards have that adventurous combination in spades. “We were sitting outdoors in a pub on the Thames in London when we made the decision to take a trip to Australia to buy a property where we’d raise our family,” recalls Fiona, an Aussie who’d been

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Luxury Finishes A Top Priority For Home Buyers Looking For A Forever Home
Upsizers and experienced property buyers are prioritising luxury upgrades and finishes when searching for a home they can live and grow in. It’s a trend that one of Australia’s largest residential builders, Privium Homes, is capitalising on with more
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Book Club
White walls, white space and now white houses. A white home stands out in a crowd, a stark contrast to rolling green hills or brick suburbia. Timeless in style, they showcase a modernist idealism and mesmerising interplay of light and shadows. White
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Harbour Heights
a small, steep, irregular site with “extremely constrained street and site access” — the Architecture Saville Isaacs team had their work cut out for them on this project, with clever planning, extensive excavation and complex construction required. “