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Nicholas Karlovasitis

industrial designer and co-founder of DesignByThem Nick Karlovasitis is a man of wide experience and curious creative thought — and his body of work is exemplary.

The creative calling struck Nick when he was just a whippersnapper. “From a young age I was always pulling things apart and putting them back together to the dismay

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Grand Designs Australia3 min citite
ALLURE OF the Azur
Feeling like a world away from civilisation, but in reality a five-minute drive from central Queenstown, Azur Lodge takes its name from its incredible panoramic views of Lake Wakatipu. Mountains carve across the horizon of endless blue water and skie
Grand Designs Australia2 min citite
Enchanted Forest
Part of a total home renovation, the family and ensuite bathrooms in Forest Nest needed to serve the young growing family well into the future. The original dated and cramped rooms were no longer functional, with the ensuite suffering from poor light
Grand Designs Australia3 min citite
Cutting-edge CREATIONS
What would you prefer on your wall — a heating and cooling unit or an artwork? No need to choose between them. Cinier’s fan coil unit, Greenor, means you can cut the cake and eat it in style. The designer two-pipe wall-mounted unit is ultra-quiet at