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Gavin Harris

for most of us, childhood fantasies remain just that; they fade around the edges and lose their lustre, slowly evanescing into obscurity. But Cult designer Gavin Harris has held onto his love of sci-fi, Sid Mead and all things mind-bending and time-altering. Harbouring an intense fascination with the

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Wild Child
Portsea is the home of Millionaire’s Walk, a clifftop stroll glimpsing lifestyles of the rich and architecturally inclined. Not surprisingly, then, the affluent area is speckled with man-made gems. The latest jewel in Portsea’s crown is Wild Coast, a
Grand Designs Australia3 min citite
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Book Club
White walls, white space and now white houses. A white home stands out in a crowd, a stark contrast to rolling green hills or brick suburbia. Timeless in style, they showcase a modernist idealism and mesmerising interplay of light and shadows. White