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Miranda Sofroniou

T: +61 490 824 702

E: mgsofroniou@gmail.com

W: mirandasofroniou.com

I’m an illustrator and designer originally from London and now based in Melbourne. Stories and books

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Yoga For Imagination
The power of imagination has been acknowledged for centuries by yogis, artists and philosophers. In recent times, however, the world of psychology, corporate, and science and modern physics have all jumped on board. They agree — the mind is the most
WellBeing1 min cititePsychology
When do you feel in “fl ow”? How often do you drop in to the place where time disappears, along with your limitations and parameters of anything else but the moment? Perhaps it’s when you’re playing music, writing an article, reading a novel or doing
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Kombucha (Medusomyces gisevii) is a tea mushroom or tea fungus (or Manchurian mushroom) and is fermented into a tea, commonly using either green or black tea and then sweetened. Kombucha tea is made by fermenting sugared tea with a culture of bacteri