You can learn a lot at bedtime. As you crawl under covers, as the mattress supports your body, as the pillow caresses your head, the cares of the day fall away and in that free space things are said. Things that would be crushed by the bright busy-ness of daytime, things that reveal

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WellBeing1 min cititePsychology
Music has long been proven to have psychological benefits, from relaxing the mind and easing anxiety to energising the body to even assisting in pain management and boosting memory formation and recollection. But music doesn’t just have to mean the s
WellBeing8 min cititePsychology
The Paradox Of Acceptance
Whatever challenging situation you might be facing right now — whether you’re going through an illness, a relationship breakdown, grieving or grappling with the changes that come with parenting, ageing or COVID-19 — is resistance holding you back and
WellBeing3 min cititeBeverages
Rituals That Are Good For Your Soul
The power of a ritual is in the intention. When we are being intentional with what we are doing we are fully present and conscious, allowing for the experience of joy and beauty. Creating rituals is what brings the magic into daily habits. Without a