Architect, designer and artist Shaun Gaylard started Blank Ink Design as a passion project in late 2013. “I did a drawing

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2 Into One
AS FAR AS GRAND DEBUTS GO, ARCHITECT JAMES MITCHELL’S FIRST SOLO VENTURE under the banner of his newly minted firm Abon Studio is a corker. Set against a backdrop of Llandudno’s beachfront, the show-stopping three-level residence’s façade is fragment
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19 Good Bones
“When selecting our top six projects – a ‘bone of contention’ in the studio because our designers all had different selections – what we love is that they are so vastly different in style and vision. We know that, just as each client has their own pe
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Transform Your Kitchen
Call it a vision or a revelation. Either way, the new Samsung gas cooker turns what could be ordinary into something quite extraordinary. Get ready to cook up endless possibilities and transform your approach to cooking – without having to stop even