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Don’t let the word “bain-marie” strike fear into your heart, it’s just a fancy name for a water bath. Typically used to cook delicate dishes like crème brûlée, savoury and sweet soufflés (pictured) or terrines, a bain-marie creates a gentle, uniform heat. The water prevents a dry oven and acts as

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Your Route 71 Address Book
BALENI CULTURAL CAMP (TRANSFRONTIER PARKS DESTINATIONS): tfpd.co.za/cultural-camps/baleni-cultural-camp; @tfpd_sa BALENI SACRED SALT: baleni.co.za BLUEBERRY HEIGHTS FARM AND MOUNTAIN CAFE: blueberryheights.co.za; @blueberryheights CICADAS LOCAL:
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Pickle Party!
Balsamic vinegar of Modena is made from cooked or concentrated grape must (freshly crushed fruit juice that includes skins, seeds and stems of the fruit) blended with wine vinegar. The amount of grape must present determines the density of the vinega
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What’s Your “Reset” Recipe After You’ve Overindulged?
“I make a great green smoothie every morning with all the lovely greens: spinach, celery, cucumber, avo, lemon juice, ginger and coconut water.” – Tharien Nel “I go crazy with veggie stir-fries. They’re the easiest way to eat a lot of veggies in a