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Chasing clouds


‘I think I'm looking for photos that speak the loudest’

As the sun drops to the horizon and the evening clouds over Broome begin to glow in the last light, odds are that Mieke Boynton and her best mate, Banjo, will be watching it from just the right stretch of beach. She’ll be holding her remote shutter release and he, being a blue healer/kelpie cross, will likely be standing just behind his mistress. On her tripod, a Nikon D810 and a 21mm Zeiss will be angled perfectly to capture the unfolding sky show.

‘He’s the best photography dog in the world,’ Mieke says. ‘He’s very intelligent and very patient. He actually walks behind me so he doesn’t put footprints in the sand – he’s learned that I get very upset if my pristine beach shot is destroyed by him running in front of me. But, when he’s had enough of me staying in one spot for too long, he’ll headbutt the back of my legs to get me moving, or he will purposefully seat himself in front of the camera so I

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