Artist's Drawing and Inspiration

Under Cover White-Cheeked Honeyeater

There is something magical about pastel. The luminescence, the immediacy, the vibrancy and the feeling of that small stick of pigment being an extension of the hand all contribute to pastel being my favourite medium.

Pastel can be used in so many ways to complete work in an artist’s chosen style. I like to use it to achieve the fine detail required in my paintings of wildlife, particularly birds, and can be carefully blended in backgrounds to suggest environment.

Apart from oil pastels (a totally different oil-based medium), hard pastels

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Artist's Drawing and Inspiration1 min citite
Artist’s Hints And Tips
• Don’t just rely on your eye...... measure, measure and measure. • Try to vary your subject matter and experiment with your palette to keep your work fresh. • Don’t be too scared to make mistakes, pastel is fairly forgiving and can be erased, especi
Artist's Drawing and Inspiration4 min citite
These sun bleached trees with their twisted shapes are irresistible to me, whilst some people find them spooky, if you look at them from a different point of view you will see the elegant shapes and gestures in their bare branches. I began this piece
Artist's Drawing and Inspiration1 min citite
• Art Spectrum Colourfix Paper Beige 100 x 70cm• Four values of Art Spectrum Flinders Blue Violet ranging from the darkest to the lightest• Art Spectrum Jacaranda two values• Two values of Art Spectrum Flinders Red Violet• Art Spectrum Warm Grey• Art