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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics9 min cititeTechnology & Engineering
Triple Treat!
It’s ironic that nostalgia is much better now than it used to be. Yes, looking back fondly on things which were better in the olden days has never been more fashionable, or relevant. Yearning for the 1970s, 80s or 90s is now common across most areas
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics1 min citite
How To Read Tyre Codes
Tyre codes started being added to tyres in the 1980s, usually found contained within a long oval shape. Here’s how to read them. 1980s: a simple three-digit code. The first two digits denote the week of production within the year (01 to 52), the la
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics1 min cititeTechnology & Engineering
KAWASAKI H2C – owner Steve Burgess says...
The C was the last of the 750 triples, and is quite rare. “They only made 5000 of these,” said Steve. The paint was in bad condition when Steve got the bike, so he had it repainted by Terry Chambers at RacePaint. The engine was rebuilt following a