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• To prevent this style of work from becoming clinical or formal, it helps to include people and/or animals, or evidence

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Artist's Palette2 min citite
The Old Days
The country town of Inverell is home to Laurence Moore. As an artist, he has enjoyed significant success in his local area and has become well known in the community. “I never used to paint,” he admits. “But I loved drawing. Especially old shacks, ru
Artist's Palette3 min citite
The Guardian
My aim was to create a hot, dusty sunset in Africa – based on a single photograph of an elephant from Dubbo zoo. Her flared ears and prominent right forefoot inspired the idea of a matriach protecting her family from strangers in her homeland. The pa
Artist's Palette1 min citite
Master Hints And Tips
• Use plenty of water and don’t overload your brushes. • I never start a painting when I’m moody, because it won’t work. • Always view your work from a distance, side to side. A useful trick is to take a cardboard tube; close one eye; and view your w