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Paddlesteamer ‘Rodney’

The subject is the Paddlesteamer ‘Rodney’ which rests on the bottom of the Darling River on the property of the homestead ‘Polia’, around 30 kilometres north-west of the ‘Port of Pooncaria’. In 1894, the ‘Rodney’ was bringing non-union shearers upriver to ‘Tolarno’ (a property 70 kilometres upstream of Pooncarie), when it was intercepted by striking shearers who burned it to the waterline.

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Master Hints And Tips
• There are no rules in art. That’s why ‘art’ covers such a broad range of creative activities. Some of the most beautiful artworks aren’t those that replicate a thing, or a place, or a photograph – but those that represent it. I suggest reading or p
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Choosing Your Imagery
My ideal surface is not the starch white canvas. I like to create a background through different processes, whether it is spray paint or my gel medium technique. If using canvas I will often stretch the material after I have applied the gel medium as
Australian How To Paint3 min citite
I’ll paint on basically anything, so this experiment with ink on a .5 x 1.2 metre piece of unprimed coverboard (ply) became a ‘canvas’ for my painting. I planned to be able to use the existing marks to the painting’s advantage, and to also let the na