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Passion for Detail

Jenny Hartley is a Queenslander who has been an active painter since 1990 – creating works of art in graphite, watercolours and acrylics. Her childhood, spent on the family farm near Casino in New South Wales, installed within her a deep love of the natural environment – for native flora and fauna, and for the colour and light in the landscape. Her mother’s love for gardening also spawned her desire to create glowing translucent images of flowers in watercolours.

When Jenny was a child, no scrap of paper missed her attention. She loved to

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Artist’s Hints And Tips
• Make sure your working area is tidy and free of clutter; in my case my desk, as it can be a distraction when you are working. • Invest in a pencil extender as they are quite inexpensive and save you throwing out your pencils when they get quite sho
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Precious Pets
Nola Clark has a few early school day recollections which include ‘being the smallest girl in school’. She also has a fond memory of regularly topping the class for drawing and sketching. As a child she can’t remember having many toys, but vividly re
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Tabby Cat
I define a clear border to contain the end result and leave reasonable space all around to facilitate handling. This space includes an area to ‘test blend’ colours. I use charcoal pencils and a brown pastel pencil to formulate the major shapes, befor