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Nature Study

I was born, raised and educated in Mudgee, New South Wales. After marrying at the age of 19, I moved to Gladstone in Queensland and I

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• Canvas: 10 x 12 inches.• HB pencil.• AS No.1 Medium.• Mineral turpentine.• Background colours: Titanium White, Manganese Blue Hue.• Coat colours: Ivory Black, Payne’s Grey, Titanium White, Tasman Blue, Pilbara Red.• Eyes colours: Payne’s Grey, Vand
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• Half sheet of white Colourfix paper taped to a backing board• A workable matt spray fixative and SpectraFix spray for final fixing• Art Spectrum and Rembrandt soft pastels: Pale blue, dark brown, mid-brown, mid-pink, light yellow, light grey, orang
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“I Cannot Imagine Life Without Art”
Another rainy day, another chance to stay indoors and draw and paint! Any excuse would do for an 8-year-old whose only desire was to be “an artist when I grow up”! Well almost 48 years later I still have the same passion to paint and draw as I believ