Clean Eating

A Failing Health Grade

A new survey from Ipsos reveals that most Americans don’t know how to eat properly and maintain a healthy weight, with

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Clean Eating9 min cititeFood & Wine
Maximum Pressure, Minimum Effort
Electric pressure cookers, such as the Instant Pot, are great tools for busy people who want to eat nutritious meals. But did you know these handy small appliances can tackle more than one recipe at once? By stacking dishes right inside the pot, you
Clean Eating3 min citite
Meet the Reusable Revolution
The growing push to de-plasticize our lives has been one of the biggest stories of 2019. From a swell of legislation to a massive generational shift in priorities, the world seems to finally be waking up to the urgency of the problem: More than 32 co
Clean Eating2 min citite
Build Your Pinterest-Worthy Platter
Elevate a simple combination of cheeses, meats, vegetables, fruit and crackers with a few creative presentation tricks. Build your own with this easy formula, or replicate ours, an eye-catching plant-based spread. 1. Select two or three bowls or rame