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Corsair Vengeance Gaming PC 5180: Packed With Power


Corsair Vengeance Gaming PC 5180


4/5 Stars

PROS Great gaming performance. Plenty of speedy SSD storage. Well-designed case with tempered glass and attractive customizable lighting. Spacious interior.

CONS Etched text on glass is a bit tacky. Bulkier form factor compared with some microATX PCs.

Corsair has long been known for its components and gaming peripherals, but it became a PC maker for the first time in 2017 with the One Pro. Now, it’s back with a second effort in a somewhat more traditional form: The Corsair Vengeance Gaming PC 5180. This powerful gaming desktop comes equipped with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080, ready for whatever games you throw its way across the spectrum of resolutions. While not especially compact, its square case is nicely designed and ready for standard component swaps or upgrades, unlike the One Pro. With a reasonable price, considering what’s packed inside, and performance to match, the Vengeance 5180 earns an Editors’ Choice for midrange gaming desktops.


The Vengeance, while still relatively compact, is much larger than Corsair’s first effort. The One Pro was a small, cylindrical desktop, while the Vengeance is built into Corsair’s

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