EVEN THOUGH THEY were clearly having a good time, the majority of the thru-hikers were sizzled with sunburns and hobbled by blisters. They appeared exhausted, dehydrated, and lame, and one even wondered aloud what manner of insanity had convinced them that the idea of walking for half a year through some of the toughest terrain in North America was a good one.

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WARMEST OUR TAKE Winter in the Yukon is no joke, but our tester had the last laugh in even the coldest weather while wearing this hat. With a waxed polyester exterior to repel moisture, lofted synthetic insulation on the interior, and fleece earflaps
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MOST VERSATILE OUR TAKE When the mantra for the day was “just keep moving,” we reached for the Refuge. On one such day, we started skinning in sunny, above-freezing temps and ended—almost 12 hours later—in blowing snow and low-20s on the final push t
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9. Apple Cider Hikes
ERVING STATE FOREST, MA By November, most of the showstopping fall foliage is gone, and so are the crowds. Take advantage of the solitude on a 4.4-mile loop on the New England Trail’s northern section. From the trailhead on Briggs Street in Erving, h