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REVI EW BY Leah Greenblatt @Leahbats

LET US NOW PRAISE DIFFICULT books: the ones whose refusal to play by the

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THE MOUTHWATERING MAGIC BEHIND HARRY POTTER’S FESTIVE FEASTS ONE HUNDRED JUICY ROASTED turkeys, mountains of boiled potatoes, tureens of buttered peas—it’s easy to imagine a young Harry Potter’s delight (and hunger pangs) when he wandered into the Gr
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Be the dentist you wish you could visit (or, in extreme cases, the dentist you wish someone in your life would visit); this electric toothbrush is too chic for anyone to take any real offense. $70 → hum.colgate.com An at-home facial set—with exfoliat
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The Merriest Movie Years Ever
FILMS ABOUT THE HOLIDAY SEASON deck the halls perennially, but some years catch Christmas magic in a bottle. Two in particular top the cinematic tree: 1947 and 2003. The former, according to author and film historian Jeremy Arnold, marks the rare yea