Earthly Delights

“Everything is perfect and beautiful because of the unself-consciousness of it.” PAULA HAYES

in upstate New York not to walk under her neighbor’s black walnut tree: The nuts drop without warning, and they are Please also be careful of the poison ivy in the back garden, Paula advises. And maybe keep your distance from the bees buzzing around the black-eyed Susans. “I don’t know what your tolerance is,” she says.

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All the Essentials
In the conventional reading of the Los Angeles landscape, there’s the beach, there’s the hills, and there’s the flatlands: three of the city’s four “ecologies,” as the critic Reyner Banham famously called them—each with its own brand of domestic arch
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Make It Yours
The couple bought a vintage Louis Poulsen PH Artichoke pendant on eBay around the time they purchased the lot. It arrived in miserable shape and sat in their garage for years, until Sherry and John stripped its 72 petals, put in an LED light, and had
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Three’s Company
The first thing you notice upon arriving at Julie and Scott Pelletier’s house outside Portland, Maine, is what you don’t see: a front door. There isn’t one. Which doesn’t mean you can’t figure out how to enter. You steer up a steep wooded driveway, p