Amateur Photographer

Viewpoint David Crossland

started selling photos 20 years ago, submitting slides to stock libraries. It was fiddly work, printing off caption labels and shifting the photos around in the frames to correct sloping horizons. Then came online agencies and digital cameras, and the market took off. I focused on Alamy and quit my job as a reporter, dreaming of

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Brave The Elements
A professional photographer, producer/director of TV and photography teacher for over 40 years, Mark is also a LEE Filters Master supported by Berghaus and Billingham. A former Fujifilm ambassador and winner of the #OMGB in LPOTY, he is a Fellow of t
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What Is Refurbished?
FUJIFILM, like some other camera manufacturers, offers the option to buy refurbished cameras at reduced price from its online shop ( But what exactly is a refurbished camera and can you expect a good example in return? No
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Super Resolution
Super resolution combines multiple exposures to give an image with more detail than any individual frame ■