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1 Target a range

The new Luma Range control lets you target a specific portion of the tonal range in order to make adjustments to it. Here, for example, the subject's jacket is initially

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Micro Four Thirds: big in Japan
OM DIGITAL Solutions, which has taken over Olympus’s camera and lens business, has revealed that the Micro Four Thirds System was the best-selling lens mount type in the Japanese interchangeable-lens digital camera market in 2020. Micro Four Thirds p
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Top Tip
When using the AEB feature on DJI drones, you’re given the option to shoot three or five bracketed exposures. These brackets are one stop apart, so if the contrast in the scene isn’t too large three exposures will be fine, but for scenes where the sk
Amateur Photographer1 min cititeScience & Mathematics
Canon EOS R5
AT THE top end of the market, one camera grabbed all the headlines this year. While the EOS R5’s biggest claim to fame is its ability to record 8K video internally, it gains our award by virtue of being an astonishingly capable stills camera. Just a