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HDR software


You’ll want to look for an interface that’s intuitive to navigate. This will allow you to process your images quickly with minimal fuss.


Many HDR software packages offer ready-to-apply presets, which let you create a certain type of HDR look in an instant.

The ‘look’

Some software packages create a stronger HDR look than others so it’s worth doing your research first if you’d like to produce natural results.


Many HDR software options can be purchased outright, but others such as Lightroom CC Classic are part of a subscription package.

Localised adjustments

It’s good to choose HDR software that gives you the option to make area-specific adjustments as well as global ones.

easyHDR 3

• From € 35 •

WHEN you come across HDR software with a name like easyHDR, you have an expectation that the software will be, well, easy to use. And it's safe to say that despite offering a large range of HDR controls and presets, it is indeed easy to use thanks to the range of presets that provide quick and easy one-click effects.

For photographers requiring a greater level of control, there are also manual controls which can be used to fine-tune the default HDR conversion or one of the 22 other presets available. Plus, there are Layers that can be applied to add localised

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