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Princess Irene of Hochste, 1573-1652, was betrothed at the age of seven to Prince Henry of Nahemöglich but he died before the wedding and no suitable suitor came up again until about 1591, in the shape of the Gräf von Schlechterdings. This was painted to impress him. It clearly

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About Stephen
Stephen is an Anglican priest and photographer who combines the creativity of photography with theology and his postgraduate study of war and psychiatry. On leaving the military he undertook professional photographic training, as well as deepening hi
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Nick Mason
WITHOUT a doubt, Covid-19, and its impact on us all, is the defining story of our generation. But it’s also one that traditional journalists and photographers haven’t always had front-line access to. As such, we’ve seen some remarkable imagery coming
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Leica M10 Monochrom
THIS isn’t an award that we usually give out. But that’s because in most years, we don’t see such a stunning one-of-a-kind camera as the Leica M10 Monochrom. This beautifully designed rangefinder camera that only shoots in black & white has lingered